About The Rock Rag

The Rock Rag was founded in 2013 with a mission to support the local music scene, connect you to the harmonic vibes of the universe, and the wide world of rock and roll. It is a single destination for all things cool in the creative arts.

The Rock Rag’s broad appeal encompasses live music reviews, record reviews, concert tours, interviews, new releases, and mind-blowing photography. Founder and concert photographer Kimberly Annette has brought together a talented staff of contributors whose collective skill and knowledge are vast and all-consuming in their love of rock, metal, blues, and jazz. They are committed to feeding your hunger, quenching your thirst, and pumping you full of the art and philosophy of rock n roll.

The Rock Rag caters to the fan that loves rock and roll and has a desire to give back and support their local scene. It is the place to keep abreast of the latest news regarding their favorite artists, and stay current in the world of music.