Article and Photos by Kari Robinson Butler

A soft breeze awakens the 10,000 campers ready for Day 1 of Aftershock. The calm before the storm of metal guitars and pulsing amps. The dust from 2014 has settled; the grass is green…and the day begins.

RavenEye, who will be joining Slash, and Myles Kennedy on the European leg of their tour, kicked off the day with hard high energy. Including the members Oli Brown, Aaron Spiers, and Kev Hickman.

As early afternoon arrives and the concert goers are pouring in; Hell or Highwater, who was featured at Slipknot’s pre-AfterShock party Friday night, takes the stage. The crowd goes wild for the band’s familiar indie sound and pushes toward the stage. With Brandon Saller, Atreyu’s drummer, on guitar and vocals, they move away from the scream-dominated Atreyu to hard rock with strong vocal harmonies.

Crowds merge from stage to stage to catch their favorite bands that they rarely hear in regular rotation on rock radio such as Helmet, All that Remains, Art of Dying. Suicidal Tendencies and many more playing on multiple stages throughout the afternoon.

As the sun sank into the horizon, the crowds swelled in size and excitement. Seether was the only returning act from 2014 and did not fail to impress. Strong vocals and hard-hitting familiar guitar riffs whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

Breaking Benjamin continued the evening with several of the crowd favorites. As good as ever, Ben Burnley’s vocals are especially strong and their new drummer Sean Foist gave an unforgettable performance on the drums.

As night fell, Marilyn Manson, never short on dramatics, draws the crowd in with his stage presence, even walking into a crowd of screaming fans.

To wrap up the night, Shinedown and Slipknot battled for the largest crowds of the evening, with the some 30,000 to 40,000 in attendance surging back and forth between stages.

Shinedown had a masterfully put together performance preparing the crowd for Slipknot’s eccentric stage show.

The crowd was not disappointed…..and will be back tomorrow for another day of Marshall stacks and metal guitars!


Aftershock 2015 - Day 1 Saturday October 24th
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