Sunday, October 3rd, 2015 | Sacramento, California

Review and Photos by Kari Butler

Calm has settled upon Gibson Ranch and its Aftershock crew on Sunday morning. The day begins more calmly than the day before, with fans enjoying a bit of shade and smaller morning crowds.

Dance Gavin Dance, one of two local bands on the Aftershock bill, kicked off the Coors stage with their post-hardcore genre. Tilian Peterson moves and sways to the music with fluidity and grace while working the mic and crowd. Their tunes were catchy, sometimes groovy, mixed with a bit of grunge.

As fans moved from stage to stage, a gem of a band was erupting on the South stage. Issues, given the title of Artist of the Year by Alternate Press, rocked the stage with energy and zest. Skyler Acord stunned the crowd with his fierce bass playing along with flying hair and jumping antics. Tyler Carter, assisted the band’s sound of blended metalcore, pop, and R&B with his vocal performance.

One of the most anticipated acts of the day was the legendary Sevendust. Lajon Witherspoon, dreadlocks swinging, rocked the vocals with confidence as the crowd went wild. Morgan Rose matched the band’s tenacity beat for beat with his ever moving drumsticks.

Other acts would follow throughout the day as the crowd continued their trek from stage to stage; including Yelawolf, Red Fang, Eagles of Death Metal and Coheed and Cambria.
Fan favorites, Stone Temple Pilots took the stage with Chester Bennington leading the way. Thrusting his arms in the air, he sings with impressive force and conviction. The crowd collectively rocked to the bass of the drums and familiar lyrics.

Wrapping up the evening, Jane’s Addiction, Deftones and Faith No More gave memorable performances. Jane’s Addiction shined on stage with experience as veteran rockers, leaving the crowd chanting for more of Dave Navarro’s recognizable guitar riffs and beautiful women dangling from the sky.

Deftones, an American alternative metal band from Sacramento, gave an unforgettable performance; clearly one of the crowd favorites of the weekend. Chino Moreno thrashed around the stage, whipping his mic cord and jumping off ego boxes. Guitarist Stephen Carpenter was confident and electric, shredding one riff after another.

Faith No More wrapped up the evening with a stage covered with boxes upon boxes of flowers. Band members matched in all white attire, it was like a cross between a baptism, a wedding or a Sunday service. Yet out they came with their hard hitting beats and songs that kept the crowd in a frenzy and singing along with the familiar tunes.

As the music faded into the night, the much-anticipated Aftershock 2015 came to a close. 25,000 fans left the venue filled with two days of great music, new friends and good times….and left with the question of who will be at Aftershock 2016?

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