Arica Bice – Southern California

Arica Bice | Intern & Contributing WriterArica Brice

Arica first began writing, it was on a trip to Europe (Italy, France and Spain). The one month long adventure was filled with colorful descriptions, gregarious people, rich history and the beauty of a new land to explore. During the trip, she fell in love with two things, travel and writing.

Arica attended President Obama’s first inauguration in Washington D.C. in 2008 and documented the experience in her side project, “Life Stories.” Life Stories are a collection of her experiences, thoughts, and desires. She hopes to one-day form this collection of stories into a fun-filled novel about a girl in the world. For more details, you will have to ask her to share because she has been a bit tight-lipped thus far, only saying she is enjoying the writing process that has taken her on this journey.

Arica’s deep passion for music reveals a soul much older than her young years. She aspires to have an imagination like David Bowie, the ability to write like Marc Bolan, the thought processes of Patti Smith, the look of Joan Jett, the kind-heartedness of Tegan and Sara, yet the rocky edge of Nikki Sixx, and the individuality of Paul Weller. Although, this is Arica’s first-journalism assignment she is confident she will be able to fulfill expectations and present detailed, entertaining accounts of the concerts she attends, new music finds, and of course music and artist related news.


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