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“Get the band back together? We’ve never been apart,” said Living Colour frontman Corey Glover with a hearty laugh as he discussed the band’s upcoming performance at Trinity United Methodist Church in Ewing, NJ on Friday April 4, 2014 as part of the Candlelight Concert Series for Epilepsy.

“I do my own stuff to get away from those guys,” he continued with a chuckle. “We just spent a month in Australia, we’re working on a new album; I mean, seriously, we get along so well. We’ve known each other for a very, very, very long time; we are well acclimated to one another, it’s like hanging out with family members. These guys are like siblings or a close cousin that you actually like hanging out with. I’m the youngest, so I’m like the annoying little brother, Will and I are close in age, we look at the other two guys like, look at the old folks over there (laughs). We tease each other, but we get along great.” AE25MUCOLOUR_2.jpg

Little over a year ago, Glover performed at the forerunner of this larger venue; better known as Eric Miller’s living room. Corey was part of the growing list of performers at the house concerts Eric would host prior to the series outgrowing his home. “Eric is just an amazing person,” he said without hesitation. “He is doing Yeoman’s work; it is a true testament to his love for his wife and the power of love in general.”

The show in Miller’s living room revealed a bit about Glover that he partially let slip in our original interview back in November of 2012. During a song introduction, he let it be known that not only was it “someone he knew” (as he had told me) who had epilepsy but it was in all actuality; his son. “Yeah, it was a childhood thing that we discovered in my son by accident; it really freaked us all out when it first started happening. So, yeah, I am happy to be doing this once again; although this time it’s a little less intimate (laughs.)”

Guitarist Vernon Reid laid the groundwork for what would eventually become a Grammy Award winning group when he formed the first of several combinations of what would become Living Colour circa 1983. Around 1986 Glover and drummer Will Calhoun were brought into the fold and the band’s debut album, 1988’s “Vivid,” containing the mega-hit “Cult of Personality” reached number six on the US Billboard 200 chart. Appearances on Saturday Night Live and a video on MTV propelled the band to open, along with Guns N’ Roses, for the Rolling Stones on their Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle Tour.

Buoyed by the success of their first album, their follow up effort, 1990’s “Time’s Up” won the Grammy for “Best Hard Rock Album.” Reflecting back on those times, Glover summed it up, perhaps better than most when he said, “It was all new back in the day. We were all inexperienced, and we were taking it as it comes, and it came at us really fast. Now, things come at us much slower; we’re more prepared.”

Slower includes taking their time and working on material for their next CD; something Glover says the band is keeping close to the vest. “Our intent was to take a look at the blues; with our own slant that is. Our songs are like a good conversation; they tend to evolve over the course of time, we put our own take on things. Right now we’re still writing and recording and working things out.”

CANDLELIGHT CONCERTSFriday evening, Corey says that those in attendance won’t have to worry so much about hearing too much newer material. When asked what one can expect, he bluntly said with a laugh, “Oh, it beats the Hell out of me! I have a sneaky suspicion that we’ll be doing as much of the older stuff as we can as not to tip our hand on the new album.”

Glover went on to say that the future looks very busy for the band as they ready to record once again. “We are going to go back on the road for a bit,” he stated, “Then into the studio to record in the fall. Then who knows; the world is wide open to us.” The show in Ewing is a piece of that wide open world and one that the band is looking forward to putting into their puzzle. “We’re hoping that our old friends come visit us and some new ones come out and get to know us; not to mention that they should all come on out to support this great cause.”

Next Friday, April 11th Candlelight Concert hosts Joan Osborne acoustic trio featuring Keith Cotton and Jack Petruzzelli tickets are $30 Advance/$35 Day-Of Show check out the website link below for more information. If you are unable to make the show but would like to support the cause the website has a donation portal along with ample amounts of information on epilepsy, check it out.







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