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Interview with FallRise

The Rock Rag crew steps into the studio of rising metal group FallRise. April chat's with the band to see what there up to and where there heading next. All music in the video is by FallRise. Check out FallRi...
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Life on the Road with Prima Donna

ROCK RAG Interview by April Pirl Filmed at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA. Music in this video is by Prima Donna Track 1. "Feral Children" Track 2. "Maxine" PRIMA DONNA | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWI...
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Beware of Darkness Interview at Uproar

By Kimberly Annette (In collaboration with Johnny Zapp) My recent sitdown with Kyle Nicolaides (lead singer, guitar) and Daniel “Dan” Curcio (bass) from the band Beware of Darkness at the Uproar Festiva...