Saturday, October 18th, 2014 | Bordentown, New Jersey

By Danny Coleman

“I loved it! I am so glad to be coming back! My last time there I had to restrain myself from pawing through the vinyl but I’m not so sure that I can this time,” says the “Beehive Queen” and Saturday Night Live (SNL) band member Christine Ohlman about her return to The Record Collector in Bordentown City, NJ on November 8. “I’m a collector myself, so it’s not easy (laughs)!” 
Still on the road along with her band Rebel Montez, in support of her latest release, The Deep End, Ohlman continues to wow audiences from small, intimate venues such as The Record Collector; to being the top draw at the W.C. Handy Music Festival in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
“I’ve been kind of busy,” she chuckled once again with a laugh that’s best described as infectious. “We went down to the Handy Festival in July and we were the top selling ticket; I was feeling very good about that. I got to meet and do a duo with Candi Station, she’s one of my favorites of all time; so that was a huge thrill. I was also asked to be the Grand Marshall for the 2015 festival and I gladly accepted, which is a huge honor itself. We went to New Orleans for another festival and visited the New Orleans Musicians Clinic. The clinic people are going to be very active with the governor’s decision to not accept the Medicaid provision of Obama Care, it’s designed to help people like musicians who have no insurance or who can’t afford it and without it many of our own will suffer; especially in this depressed economy. I also got to have dinner twice with Zachary Richard. I’d never met him; what an interesting man. I was very glad to have had that opportunity, not just once but twice.”
A tireless worker, performer and entertainer, her most recent release The Deep End and her role since 1991 as the voice and “The Hive” of the SNL band have kept her hopping. Topping the “Alternate Root Readers Poll” as the “Top Americana Vocalist” of 2013 and sharing the stage with such rock ‘n’ roll luminaries as Black 47, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Sting, Bill Medley and the list goes on and on; Ohlman is one of the most sought after personalities in music today.
With a charm as big as her beehive hairdo, Ohlman carries herself with a refreshing grace and confidence which making her only more appealing. Her strong character and make up have led to six studio albums and one live recording; multiple television appearances apart from her weekly SNL gig and repeated requests for studio work from near and far. Ohlman says of her career and The Deep End,
“It is going great! I consider myself very fortunate. The album has been picked on several year-end “Top Ten” lists and is doing very well. Saturday Night Live is back for the season so I’m there and I’ve got plenty of studio work and live shows coming up to keep me going.”
Ohlman is somehow also finding time to write and has begun the process of another studio album  titled, “The Grown Up Thing” which is due out in 2015.
“I’ve had the material to do this, but I pay great attention to lyrics,” she explained. “There are too many distractions on the road to write. It’s easy to start lyrics on the road but tough to finish them; on and off tour buses and travel make it difficult. The success of The Deep End has delayed this next one but hey; that’s a good thing right?”
After her appearance in Bordentown City, Ohlman’s remaining dates in November and December are in Connecticut.
“I’ve got shows coming up at the Mystic Cinema which is a great old theater all redone and is amazing, then a show at Café 9 which is sort of my home; I’ve debuted all of my CDs there.”
So make sure to catch Christine Ohlman in her only Jersey and area appearance before heading home to finish out the year. Ohlman is engaging, funny and so talented that The Record Collector show promises to be a great night of music; especially in this small setting. The Record Collector is located at 358 Farnsworth Ave. in Bordentown City, NJ. More information and tickets, which cost $15 in advance and $20 at the door can be found at The Record Collector‘s website. To uncover more about the fascinating Christine Ohlman, please visit her site links below.
Christine Ohlman Brings the Beehive to Bordentown, NJ
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