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“It was great!! I had no idea that we had sold it out; it was great,” said an elated 509 Dana BedDana Fuchs about her recent appearance at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, NJ.
Fuch’s is a multi-talented siren who’s credits include acting on both stage and screen, voice-over work and five CD’s under her belt. Make no mistake. However, Dana’s powerful sexually edgy vocals are her bread and butter. 
Born a Jersey girl, Fuchs moved to Florida at a very young age where as an adolescent she joined a church choir and by the age of sixteen was fronting her first band at a local motel chain. Eventually coming north at the inexperienced age of nineteen; Dana was determined to make it on her own as she pummeled the pavement and streets of New York City hitting blues clubs and soaking up music and musicians like a sponge. The hard work paid off for her when by chance she met guitarist Jon Diamond; a seasoned player who had toured with another golden throat-ed vocalist by the name of Joan Osborne. Their connection was instant and they formed the “Dana Fuchs Band” and soon found themselves opening for the likes of John Popper and blues greats James Cotton and Taj Mahal.
“Honestly?”IMGP1749 Dana Knees Live 2 She asked when questioned on how or why she seemed to gravitate towards the blues genre; a label that she is quick to deny. “No. I may be soulful and bluesy, but I am mostly just straight forward rock ‘n’ roll. I mean, I’m a white woman and you can only go so far in the blues. I’ve never been on “Tobacco Road” or been forced to work a cotton field so I never experienced that part of what the blues is all about. So no, I don’t consider myself a true blues artist; I’m a rock ‘n’ roller.”
To understand this incredible talent, one must understand where she draws her inspiration and determination from; today she sites Janis Joplin as both, but it wasn’t always the case. “Ya’ know, honestly,” she began with a hint of wonder in her voice. “I grew up the youngest of six kids and my parents were always playing music. I was always home or in the car but no matter where we went my parents always had music playing,” she explained as she began to elaborate a bit. “My mom and dad listened mostly to classic rock and yet somehow Janis was not ever played in my house; oh she is now,” she said with a laugh. “I was never really into Janis as much as I am now. People turned me on to her and when I had toIMGP1752 Dana Shake Live learn a lot of her material in such a short time period; I learned much about her and who she was.” 
Fuchs received an industry break due to her hard work and diligence, but she was also somewhat discovered by a member of one of her audiences at a performance in New York City. When relaying the story she couldn’t help but laugh a little as she recounted the chain of events which has affected her career to this day. “It was at one of my New York City shows and there happened to be some guys from MTV there. They liked my voice and asked me to do voice over work for MTV. That became my day gig and then I’d gig in the clubs at night and from that I began to get recommendations for more work which led to other doors opening.”
9340zwGR_Dana_HairThose “Other doors” included acting; something Dana was not looking for. “I’m not an actress,” she stated with conviction. “No, no I am not an actress; acting gigs found me. Musician friends heard about this play being done and I was recommended by them for a part. Next thing I know, I’m auditioning with a very short section of “Piece Of My Heart” and I got the part. The play was “Love, Janis” and it was about Joplin. There were two women in the play; me and one other. She had the majority of the speaking roles, I had a few lines to learn but I did all of the singing. I learned nineteen songs and a fifty-two page script in eight days for that play; so yeah I became familiar with Janis Joplin real quick! It was a great experience and I became a Janis fan after that; I learned much about her and what drove her and it is really a shame that we lost her as early as we did.” 
Playing a “Rock Star” on stage four nights a week had its advantages and Dana took full advantage of another fortunate break when film director Julie Taymor witnessed her Joplin portrayal and cast her in the role of “Sadie” in the Beatles movie Across The Universe.” The soundtrack went platinum and enlisted an entire new regimen of “Dana Heads” who were craving more of her vocals.
Fuchs was more than willing to oblige and she once again took advantage of an 141120JJS_Dana_Fuchs_Guitaropportunity and took her band on the road. A relentless “Road Warrior” she tours the majority of each year mostly in Europe as she finds the audiences and venues more receptive. “My band has always been pretty consistent. It is always me and my guitarist Jon Diamond and I use the same bass player for all of my U.S. tours. My drummer is from Italy, but he is now here so I use him consistently too. The only change is when we go to Europe; I have a bass player from over there that I use. The European crowds are different than ours here in the States. Here in the States the clubs, owners, managers, and promoters are all kind of following the old model; there are a lot of little clubs and it’s hard to make money here. In Europe, they love the blues, soul and rock and there are many of those clubs to play there. I think the U.S is coming around though and hopefully things will continue to turn for the better.” 
Dana_Rock9898Currently on a West Coast tour with shows this week in Oregon, Washington, and California followed by several East Coast dates at the beginning of April before leaving for Europe; Fuchs has plans for more touring and another possible recording towards the year’s end. “It always seems that I make my records at the end of the year. I’m not sure yet, I’m trying to pinpoint my direction. I can tell you this; I am writing now so we will see what happens.” 
Fuchs always has an eye to the future, with lofty aspirations and the determination to reach them. One of her hopes is to be spending more time at home in the U.S. “The future, well, hopefully, I’ll be able to do more dates here. I would love to play in my own country more, I want to focus on playing in the States. I am also going to focus on raising the bar, doing the best that I can and keep turning out a great product.” 
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