Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Interview by Danny Coleman 

“It’s my first. I don’t really know if I planned on writing a book,” said the back beat of Five Finger Death Punch Jeremy Spencer with a hearty laugh. “I started it when I got out of rehab. I started writing down all of the things that I’ve done. I thought that maybe I could help someone through my experiences.”Jeremey Spencer

Born Jeremy Spencer Hyde in Oakland City, Indiana to country music songwriter Gary Heyde and actress Glory Kissel Heyde; he began to play the drums around the age of six, reportedly on a kit which his grandmother purchased from Sears. After years of playing in bands following that auspicious beginning; Jeremy moved to Los Angeles after high school to pursue a career in music. While there he did multiple odd jobs and even some studio work; recording drum tracks for W.A.S.P. in ’05 among them.

“The hardest part about writing this was then reading about the stuff I did to get me to this point; especially to my parents,” he said in halted words. “I hurt my parents and it was very rough. I got arrested and that really hurt my mother. Reading that, what I wrote about the damage that I’ve done to people while under the influence, was very rough. The good thing is that we’ve gotten past it and my parents and I are now tighter than ever.”

The decision to write a literary tell-all book, or one’s memoirs is usually not without controversy or consequences. Spencer was keenly aware that he may upset a few apple carts along the way and he sought help from his father when he was finished assembling all of his memories and recounted tales. “I had all of these stories and things that happened,” he explained. “I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, or if it was even worth trying; so I sent it to my dad. My dad said, “If you put this out there like this, you’re going to make some people mad; can I do revisions?” I was like, sure! Go right ahead! When he sent it back to me he didn’t alter the context in any way he just cleaned it up and made it better; he did a good job on it. Once he sent that back to me I took it to our management and they were behind it all the way. They found me a publisher and handled Death-Punchd-Best-Sellereverything so that I could concentrate on recording and finishing up the tour before we break for the holidays.”

Ah, but who would’ve been mad? Could it have been friends? Could it have been a relative or very close family member? Possibly have been a former or a current band mate? According to Spencer, the boys in Five Finger Death Punch are unfazed by his effort. “Yeah, I was a little nervous about that but now that they’ve read it, they’re kind of relieved,” he stated with a relieved laugh of his own. “You never know what’s going to come out when someone writes a book like this and they are all happy with the way they were portrayed so that’s good.”

Without revealing too much, Spencer counteracted his toughest memory, that of hurting his parents with his favorite recollection; a story involving Dimebag Darrell. “Well, I mean, this book has some funny stuff in it but one of my favorites was a Dimebag Darrell story. I remember that we were opening for Pantera and I look over and there he was standing there alongside of the stage. We were playing a pretty driving tune at the time and there’s Dime yelling over the music, “Play it faster, play it faster!” Now of course he was just kidding and he later told us that he was into what we were doing but it was funny. We gave him a tee-shirt and months later he was doing a photo shoot for “Metal Maniac Magazine” and he was wearing our shirt! That was just so cool to see Dime wearing that shirt in that photo; that was a great memory of a really cool guy and great guitarist.”

With its recent September release, “Death Punch’d: Surviving Five Finger Death Punch’s Metal Mayhem,” Jeremy is looking to not stray from the norm as the band is still his primary focus. There will be on huge promotional events or lack of focus on the primary reason there is a book in the first place. “I’m going to do some book signings but there will be no proper tour,” he stated with conviction. “I have no time for that, I want to focus on what got me there to begin with and that’s Five Finger Death Punch. I mean certainly right now we are finishing up the tour before the holidays and then we are looking at a new studio album out in 2015 so that’s my focus.”

So a new outlook to go along with the book, a new album in 2015 and a renewed tour after the holidays; Spencer seems to have everything going in the right direction. Currently, the book is available on Amazon in three different varieties; the paperback is $12.99, the Kindle version for $13.99 and the hardcover is $20.04. Pick up a copy today.







Forget Five Fingers, Get Both Your Hands on Jeremy Spencer’s “Death Punch’d”
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