Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 | Los Angeles, California

By Danny Coleman

What has its own Fire Are / Thunderdome with gladiators sparring against one another nightly? How about its own petting zoo, tattoo parlor, junk car drum circle, zip line and even its own specialized scent to go along with the best metal bands ever assembled in one area? The answer is as plain as the fire breather who may appear at any moment; Slipknot’s “Knotfest.”

Sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink and hosted by Sirius XM radio personality Jose Mangin and Hard Drive’s Lou Brutus. Knotfest promises to be an all-out raw metal party and an endless assault on all of one’s senses. The San Manuel Amphitheater and Campgrounds in San Bernadino, CA. will come alive with the slashing, crashing, burning and hard driving sounds of metal, metal and more metal from October 24 – 26.

Kicking things off with a VIP party on Friday night featuring Suicide Silence, The Black Dahlia Murder and more will open this “Cutting edge” festival with a sonic-boom. There will be five stages featuring some of metals largest, loudest and most raucous acts. Stalwarts such as Danzig, Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Butcher Babies, Black Label Society and Anthrax are all scheduled to appear; with Slipknot themselves closing on both Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Anthrax’s appearance this year is sure to be a highlight and Charlie Benante credits Slipknot’s efforts while urging all fans to attend, “I’m very excited that Anthrax gets to be a part of Knotfest this year.  I think Slipknot is very brave to try and bring that European festival vibe to America, and I applaud them for it. They put a great lineup together and fans should all come out and be a part of a very special event!”

From the “Scent of Knotfest,” a strategically placed 55 gallon drums of camel feces and oil, set aflame like some grotesque form of the Olympic torch, to the first of its kind zip line over the crowd; Knotfest is breaking new ground over the course of its three-day run. There will be crowd pleasing events throughout the three days of controlled mayhem. A Slipknot Museum, showcasing the band’s history complete with group artifacts and memorabilia as well as walk about “pagan” performers, including fire walkers, sword swallowers and the aforementioned fire breathers await those who attend.

“The Ring of Fire” carnival ride, not for the weak of mind, stomach nor heart is another option for those seeking thrills outside of the incredible line up of bands. There is a goat petting zoo; please, no sacrifices allowed. But one can sacrifice their skin and obtain a tattoo at the parlor which will be available to all who wish to take a permanent reminder home from Knotfest.

What would the festival be without flaming carnival games, a freestyle motocross show and a junk yard car drum circle? Attendees can smash the daylights out of scrapped vehicles with pipes, poles or whatever else they may find. So many unique entertainment options to thrill, chill, and thrash.

Other sponsors such as, Kinetic Power, Ole Smokey Moonshine, Musicians Institute, FYE, Headbang for The Highway, Ernie Ball, The Slidebar Rock ‘N’ Roll Kitchen, Legator Guitars, FUCK Cancer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Zippo Encore and more will all be there. Stop by and see what they have to offer or seek shelter and take a breather from the action.

Gates open at 11 a.m. on both Saturday and Sunday and tickets for Knotfest range from $25 for one-day lawn seating to $199 for a two-day pit pass.  Unfortunately, all of the VIP packages are currently sold out at this time but keep checking www.knotfest.com as there may be some to come available on a limited basis.






Get Tied Up at Knotfest 2014
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