Los Angeles, California | Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review by Kimberly Annette

Steve Moore (Post Death Soundtrack, The Unraveling) and Casey Braunger (Textile Arcade) have teamed up to create Industrial/ambient/alternative rock duo, He Is Me. He Is Me released their second track “Drowning Man/Ocean Man” on September 12th and is the follow-up to the duo “Let It Drip.”

“Drowning Man/Ocean Man” is an intense expression of dark beauty with captivating lyrical expression and expansive sound that paints sublime images of a journey into the void of human existence.

The He Is Me project was born after Braunger reached out to Moore about laying down guest vocals on a new song. Moore liked the new direction so much the two decided to bring it together and fully explore a vast, unpredictable soundscape different than anything they had previously done.

Braunger a Portland-based songwriter and musician/producer brings a broad knowledge of instruments coupled with diverse experience playing in a mix of different genres, metal, blues, punk, electronic and industrial bands. Candian based songwriter/vocalist Moore adds his eerie lyrical depth and haunting shadowy vocals. Together the two come up with music that grips the inner mind and releases the soul.

Check out both tracks, “Drowning Man/Ocean Man” and “Let It Drip” streaming on Soundcloud at the link below.




He Is Me - Drowning Man/Ocean Man
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