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KiLLeR DWaRfS at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto, Ontario, Canada Friday September 19, 2014-promo posterIn a big day for Canadian Heavy Metal fans, The KiLLeR DWaRfS iconic tricycle had its day in the spotlight on Friday September 19, 2014 in the event that had been postponed from its’ original date of June 7, 2014. The kid’s tricycle has appeared in KiLLeR DWaRfS music videos and their onstage performances still to this day. The honouring of the child’s toy had to undergo rescheduling after the band was involved in a serious automobile accident in May of 2014 on their return from playing Rocklahoma. The accident banged up the guys and saw vocalist Russ DWaRf being airlifted to hospital with serious head injuries. After being stranded in Indiana, some stalwart members of DwarfNation (The legion of loyal KiLLeR DWaRf fans) answered the call to arms and helped the DWaRfS return to Toronto with their gear.

Russ DWaRf Graham at Hard Rock Cafe Toronto, Ontario, Canada Friday September 19, 2014-photo by The Meister

Wildheart, a local band, set the stage with a rousing set of their original compositions including “Gypsy Soul”, “Smoked Out” and “Silver Bullet”. Then it was time.  Fully mended after the accident diminutive vocalist Russ, guitarist Gerry, bassist Johnny and recently wed in an awesome rock n roll wedding Darrell DWaRf took to the stage as the crowd pressed in tighter. The DWaRfS gave their icon a stellar sendoff including a live performance that rivals some of their best shows ever. The setlist included such classics as “Union of Pride,” “Last Laugh,” “Hard Luck Town,” “Comin’ Through,” “Doesn’t Matter” and “Driftin’ Back.”

The rabid crowd at The Hard Rock Café Toronto were also treated to “Start @ One” the title track from the recently released “long lost DWaRf album,” Start @ One. The album that was written and recorded in 1993 yet never released as the fell swoop of grunge closed their musical scene and brought about the subsequent DWaRf disbandment saw the light of day in September 2013. The MuchMusic oft-aired video’s “Stand Tall,” “Keep the Spirit Alive” and “Dirty Weapons,” all made it on the nights set. The only track left out that was a regular on the MuchMusic rotation was “We Stand Alone.”

DWaRf Countdown
The trike was honored in a short, unscripted ceremony with local radio personality Joe Cahill joining the band on stage for some comedic hi-jinx and general clowning around. The band all autographed the tricycle and passed it on to the Hard Rock Café to take its new home in a display case. Clowning around is something ever present in a DWaRf show and tonight was no exception as throughout the show Russ rode the trike on stage. Randomly he fell to the stage as if his marionette strings had been suddenly sliced, doing head stands and a lot of fun and laughter.

After the event had drawn to a close, the boys were all on hand to sign autographs, meet fans, take photos, share drinks and celebrations. One photo was a “countdown” photo (a photo depicting the number of days until we set sail) for the upcoming Monsters of Rock Cruise. Last year The KiLLeR DWaRfS were performers on the cruise, but this year so far have not been announced. DWaRfNation fans and cruise goers have raised a stir to MORC organisers in a campaign trying to get them back performing on 2015’s voyage.  Check out some videos that I filmed of the concert and ceremony:  “Comin’ Through”, “Hard Luck Town” and “The Trike Induction Ceremony”


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Honoring a Tricycle
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