JOHNNY ZAPPJohnny Zapp | Past Contributing Writer

ASCAP Writer/Publisher for Music in Film and Television, Black/White Film Photography Artist, Freelance Magazine Columnist

Huntington Beach native Johnny Zapp is best known for his work writing and publishing rock singles for film and television, including many VH1 and MTV programs.  With both feet firmly planted in ’70s rock and punk, his music is best described as organic rock and roll, straight up.  Nearly two dozen Johnny Zapp singles from various film and TV projects are available for download on iTunes, courtesy of Island/Def-Jam distribution.

Johnny is also a magazine columnist and black/white film photography artist.  Currently, he freelances for a few major hot rod, motorcycle, art and culture magazines doing traveling pieces consisting of logging hundreds of miles on his ’64 Harley, and documenting the journey with black/white film and words.  Often, the excursions are focused on retro locations or films such as the iconic 1969 classic Easy Rider.

When he is not riding his motorcycle, shooting film, working on music or a TV project, he is also known to write columns about lingerie, fashion and dining for various lifestyle magazines, as well as his recent project, The Chivalrous Life.

Johnny Zapp is a genuine, creative old soul.  If he’s listening to it, it’s on vinyl.  If he’s shooting it, it’s on film.  If he’s riding it, it’s got a kick starter.  If he’s recording it, he’s performing it.  If it’s creative, he’s doing it.





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