January 31st, 2017 | Los Angeles, California

By Danny Coleman

“We have a lot inside of ourselves,” says Killer Bee co-founder and bassist Anders “LA” Ronnblom as he discussed the return of the band and their two upcoming shows here in California. “Me and Brian (Co-founder Brian “Bee” Frank) are the only original members left. We are getting older, but we’re not ready to dump the apartment key in the mailbox (laughs).”

The Killer Bee was formed in 1990 with rock/metal roots firmly footed in both Sweden and Canada. This international flair has served them well as the world as a whole has gravitated toward their collective hives. “When the band first formed we toured a lot in Europe. We did 14 shows in 14 days back in 1998 on one European tour; we were planning on doing more, but they never materialized. We’ve done festivals and primarily European shows, and we are very pleased with the crowd reactions, especially today. We could be doing other stuff and so could our fans, but it’s just a great experience that people still want to hear us (laughs).”

Hear them they did, apparently more than Anders and his band mates had realized and that was never more evident than when the band re-released one album and then released new material in 2012 and 2013 to critical acclaim. “We had a series of three albums, and one particular tour in Europe in 2011 got a great response, so we decided to re-release a compilation album, and then we released an album in 2012 (From Hell and Back) and an album in 2013 (Evolutionary Children) that were well received. With us being so spread out it’s not always easy to do what we want. We’re in Sweden, Canada, and Florida but we managed to do another album in 2015, and we asked our management to set us up with some club dates, and we opened for Dokken in Portland.”

Once again inspired to make and perform music, they released more new music; 2015’s “Rock Another Day” and two in 2016, “Killing You Softly” and “Eye In The Sky.” Killer BeeBuoyed by the success of these efforts, the band has decided to launch a U.S. tour, which unfortunately has been put on hold due to some work visa issues and yet another new disc in the not too distant future. “New music? Absolutely,” stated Anders with much enthusiasm. “We are looking at putting out a new album in 2017 or perhaps early the next year. We will write songs to keep the momentum going, maybe post them online, we’re not sure exactly just yet. We need to keep the news media interested in what we are doing (laughs).”

Despite the visa issues, members of the band will be presenters at the Pollstar Awards on February 2nd at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, and the group has also released a new video for their song, “Shout It Out.” The Pollstar Awards, are named after the trade magazine which is published primarily for the concert tour industry. “The 28th Annual Pollstar Awards,” will be hosted by television personality Justin Willman (Cupcake Wars, King of Cones,Win, Lose or Draw) and features categories such as, “Major Tour of The Year,” “Most Creative Stage Production,” “Major Music Festival of The Year,” “Best New Touring Artist” and more.

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