Rock Rag #13-Beasto Blanco Cover“Keep it in the family” is a phrase that bassist Chuck Garric understands. The 12-year Alice Cooper band member released his latest project, Beasto Blanco’s Live Fast Die Loud, on Rat Pak Records on October 29.  He enlisted the help of several members of the Alice Cooper camp for this new Beasto Blanco band, including drummer Glen Sobel and drummer Jonathan Mover (Alice Cooper drummer from the 90s who recently stepped in for an injured Sobel during the 2012 tour with Iron Maiden). In the producer’s chair for Live Fast Die Loud, we find Tommy Henriksen, a much-sought-after producer/songwriter and Alice Cooper guitarist since 2011. Cooper’s eldest daughter, Calico, even plays a role in Beasto Blanco. Accomplished recording engineer and guitarist from the California-based band Paperback Hero, Chris Latham handles the guitar work for the group. Garric himself has been a member of Alice Cooper’s entourage for the last 12 years, appearing on such Alice Cooper albums as The Eyes of Alice Cooper, Dirty Diamonds, Along Came a Spider and Welcome 2 My Nightmare. Garric has also spent time with current KISS drummer Eric Singer’s band (ESP, or Eric Singer Project), as well as working with Ronnie James Dio, L.A. Guns and the Damon Johnson (who also spent time in the Alice Cooper band) outfit, Brother Cane.

Garric and company pay homage to rock god Ted Nugent with the album cover of Live Fast Die Loud and its parallel image to Nugent’s Rock Rag #13-Ted Nugent Cover1976 Free-for-All album. The music contained has elements of Nugent, Motörhead and White Zombie, and they are cited as major influences. The album showcases the fist-pumping anthem power and attitude of rock and roll that’s sorely lacking in today’s musical landscape. From the Rob Zombie “Dragula”-esque lead single, “Breakdown,” which comes complete with its own video; to the Motörhead-ish style of “Beg to Differ,” this album is loaded with catchy hooks, musically and vocally driving anthems guaranteed to get your fist in the air! The praises for Beasto Blanco’s Live Fast Die Loud are being sung by the likes of actor Johnny Depp, Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain, Motörhead drummer Mickey Dee, producer Bob Ezrin, John Corabi and none other than Alice Cooper himself!  The album can be purchased through Rat Pak Records, and comes in a variety of packages including the ultimate fan bundle featuring a personal call from Chuck Garric himself.

Far superior to Rob Zombie’s earlier release of Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, do yourself a favour and pick this record up, you’ll thank me for it!



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