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Saving Abel has not been without their controversial moments when it comes to new song releases. When “Addicted,” off, their self-titled record Saving Abel on Virgin Records was first released radio stations across the country refused to play the unedited version due to sexually graphic content. This coming November Saving Abel’s latest release Blood Stained Revolution on their own label, Tennessippi Whiskey Records is sure to have it’s controversial moments as well.

Eric Taylor, Scott Bartlett, Scott AustinSince Saving Abel’s inception in 2004, they have been writing and releasing hit tunes such as, “The Sex is Good,” “Miss America” and “18 Days.” On December 26th, 2013 the band was dealt what could feel like a lethal blow, founding member and lead vocalist Jared Weeks announced his departure. However, Weeks and band members Jason Null (guitar), Scott Bartlett (guitar) and Eric Taylor (bass) had been looking together and found Scotty Austin (vocals) and Steven Pulley (drums) from Trash the Brand. In a recent press release founding member Jason Null is quoted saying, “Loosing or replacing a front man is nothing any band wants to do. So we decided we wouldn’t replace anyone we would consider this a rebirth for the band, an opportunity to write and record the music we’ve always wanted to. Scotty’s attitude and enthusiasm and belief in us along with new drummer Steven Pulley has enabled us to make a change but stay the same. We are all enjoying our fans, travels, and music and for once this feels like a true brotherhood. We have the tattoos to prove it!”

Scott Bartlett & Scott AustinSaving Abel has always been known for their great Southern rock. Austin sings the old Saving Abel songs with a fresh attitude and a little more grit. Fans have been excited to see what comes from the rejuvenated passion that is obvious on stage. On March 19th, 2014, they got a taste of what was to come with the release of the single “Love Like Suicide.” The differences in the vocals are accentuated in the song, but the core sound of the band remained the same.

Giving back to the community rooted in the support of the military is an intricate part of the values of Saving Abel, as such they have written and dedicated several songs to the troops. Saving Abel has made it a habit to travel all over the world to where these dedicated men and women are based to entertain them in some of the most dangerous places on earth. They bring a little of their down home southern charm and then put on a show that is tough to beat.

Saturday September 6th, 2014 the band released the title track of “Blood Stained Revolution” and they again stick to the basic principle of giving back while changing it up a bit with the sound. With the bands rebirth, although you still hear the bluesy flavored southern rock that screams Saving Abel, Austin’s influence on the song writing is a notable part of that rebirth.

Jason NullThe song is a reminder that the blood of innocents is spilled during revolutions that frequently are started somewhere other than the battlefield. The reminder at the end that “we are all human beings on this planet together,” is as great as the hint of what it might take for us to work together toward world peace.

The band has started their own label, appropriately named Tennessippi Whiskey Records. The name Tennessippi Whiskey Records references the home states of bands members and their well known enjoyment of Jack Daniels. The label allows them the freedom to do things how they feel they should be done which is fantastic, but as anyone involved with music, listening to music, buying music that’s older than thirteen is aware, times are vastly changed in the industry itself. Money is not as readily available to bands, even proven bands, when it comes time to lay down tracks for a new album.

Saving Abel has turned to a practice many musicians, older and established as well as newbies, have resorted to. They are using platforms such as PledgeMusic to raise money to finish and release Blood Stained Revolution in November. PledgeMusic brings artist and fans a little closer – well maybe a lot closer depending on what you pledge. The bands choose options to purchase such as a fishing trip with Eric Taylor and Steven Pulley, dinner cooked for you by Pulley and Scott Bartlett and enjoyed with the band, for something as simple as preordering the new CD. Each of these options and everything in between helps them reach their goal to record and release their CD by November 11. The link for those interested in helping them achieve their goal is

So check out the new song, “Blood Stained Revolution” today, keep your eyes open for tour dates close to you. At the time this article was published, they had reached two percent of their goal with 66 days left to go. So go to PledgeMusic and check it out.



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