Jason Newsted has nothing to hide and is keeping it plain, simple and straightforward.  His new band is called simply Newsted, the EP that came out early 2013 is called Metal and the recently unleashed full-length, entitled Heavy Metal Music, are straightforward, strong, old school metal.

The bassist is probably best known for his tenure as the longest running bass player in Metallica, having filled Cliff Burton’s shoes following his death in 1986.  The 50 year old Newsted was with Metallica for about fifteen years, appearing on some of the band’s biggest selling albums such as …And Justice For All and the self-titled smash hit commonly known as The Black Album.  The Battle Creek, Michigan born Newsted became interested in music at the age of fourteen or fifteen.  Dreams of being in a band in California led to his departure four years later.  Together with a friend Newsted set out from then hometown Kalamazoo, Michigan landing in Phoenix, Arizona.  Once there he formed a band originally called Dogz which morphed into Flotsam & Jetsam with bassist Newsted serving as the chief song writer for the first release Doomsday For The Deceiver on the Metal Blade label.  Even with the rave response for the album and band, Jason decided to apply for the vacant spot in Metallica, one of his heroes and favorite bands.  Being awarded the position with Metallica, he departed Flotsam & Jetsam, lending only writing credits to their second album, No Place For Disgrace.

Newsted chose to leave Metallica in 2001 to concentrate his efforts on his own band called Echobrain.  Echobrain had started as a side project while he was still with Metallica and was formed with Brian Sagrafina and Dylan Donkin.  Arising out of a Superbowl party at Newsted’s where they met in 1995 the trio finally came to fruition as a band in 2000.  A self titled album followed in 2002 with Kirk Hammett and ex-Faith No More guitarist, Jim Martin assisting on the reportedly Newsted funded project.  Glean followed two years later without Newsted.

After Echobrain packed it in Newsted went on to join Canadian thrash metal outfit Voivod, recording three albums with the Canucks, Voivod, Katorz and Infini.  From there you may have seen Newsted on the reality television program Rock Star’s second season. Newsted joined forces with Gilby Clarke and Tommy Lee in Rock Star Supernova and the show’s premise was them auditioning singers for the band.  With Lukas Rossi being chosen as the new front man for the super group they recorded one album, released in 2006 entitled Rock Star Supernova which was produced by Butch Walker a former member of late 80’s metal band Southgang.

Also an accomplished artist with his first gallery show taking place in San Francisco in 2010, he discovered his passion for painting while sidelined from music for a little over a year due to a shoulder injury.  Newsted re-joined his former Metallica band mates in 2009 performing on stage with them for their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and again in 2011, playing four 30th Anniversary shows with them.

In late 2012, Jason Newsted had formed a new band simply going under the moniker Newsted.  The band, comprised of Newsted on bass and vocals, drummer Jesus Mendez Jr. and guitarist Jessie Farnsworth recorded an EP entitled Metal in early January 2013.  The compositions were written and produced by Newsted and released on his own Chophouse Records label.  With the addition of Staind guitarist Mike Mushok in March they were set to record the full length album.  Heavy Metal Music was unleashed in early August 2013 featuring two tracks from the Metal EP and nine new compositions.  “Soldierhead” and “King of the Underdogs” are the two EP tracks, the former getting the video treatment prior to the release of the Heavy Metal Music album as did “Above All”.

Newsted has been on a heavy touring schedule for Heavy Metal Music, performing at European festivals such as Download and Sweden Rock, opening for Iron Maiden and Slayer and in North America they were a part of Gigantour.  Despite being forced to cancel some Western Canada Gigantour dates as he had been diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia or atypical pneumonia, Newsted was back in the saddle to close out the tour.  Gigantour’s stop in Toronto on August 11th, 2013 saw Jason join fellow Gigantour mate and ex-Metallica member Dave Mustaine’s Megadeth on stage to perform their former band’s song “Phantom Lord” with Newsted on lead vocals.

Jason Newsted and his band show no signs of slowing down as more tour dates are in the works.  Just as the album title proclaims, metal fans, this is what you’ve been waiting for… Forget anything that Metallica or MegaDave have put out in recent years, this one is it!


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