Nicole Shaw Monasterio | Past Contributing Writer

Conceived in the matted tangles of sex, drugs and big-hair-band rock and roll, Nicole embodies a unique passion and love for music. Her bloodline is enriched with a history of multitalented musicians and artists, including her father and mother.  As young parents living in a small apartment, creating space for a baby’s crib proposed quite a challenge. Their solution? Posting the crib next to her father’s drum set, granting Nicole an all-access, front-row pass to his performances. In that first year of Nicole’s life, she rocked with rolled-up-toilet-paper in her ears, relishing the melodies that still vibrate her soul to this day.

In her unconventional upbringing and adult life, Nicole explored an array of interests which included astrology, DIY projects, writing, make-up artistry,  playing guitar, working as a nanny and growing spiritually. What Nicole has gathered from her experiences is a wealth of feeling and knowledge that she is eager to share with the world.  She does so through creative expression.

Nicole is a visionary, a natural born leader and fearless communicator. As a sprouting freelance writer of creative nonfiction, essays, music reviews, poems and lyrics, Nicole empowers her words to evoke change, cultivate love and inspire the human race to develop societal structures relevant to our current time.


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