One Sentence About.... "Re-Imagining Valentine’s Day"
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By Chris Epting

So I’m really not sure how many more valentine’s days my 17-year-old daughter will want to spend with me, so the fact photo2that she wanted me to take her to see her your favorite band on February 14 really kind of made my heart soar and my wife even thought it was a great idea, so off she and I went, just the two of us to see her favorite band, in fact two of her favorite bands but especially the headliners otherwise known as Imagine Dragons who were playing a sold-out Forum show in Los Angeles and from the moment we arrived all seemed right with the world and though I have seen our daughter in many situations in her 17 years I never really saw her get lost in the music as she did when The Naked and Famous came on stage and I was impressed too by this wonderful band that set the table for what was to follow and shortly after when the lights went down photo3and Imagine Dragons came on it happened again, that is I saw our daughter climb even higher into the music and feel every chord and every lyric and every moment of glory as this truly impressive bunch of dragons, fresh on the heels of their first major success took the crowd on a journey across the full spectrum of their soaring anthems and personal odes to life, wonder, love and every other common bond that an artist wants to feel with its audience, especially when its audience is a throbbing, pulsating mass of 16,000 people who are all feeling something similar and profound and elevating and then it hit me that if Valentine’s Day is really about love than what more perfect place to experience the night then immersed in something that you truly love, the music of your moment, spirit and soul as it unfurls before you and though I’ve never been a huge fan of all the pressure people place on Valentine’s Day I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Imagine Dragons for providing one of the most memorable February 14s in my life, in fact it goes way beyond that in that they gave my daughter and me one of the best nights I think we will ever experience so to all you lovers of music I can’t stress enough how beautiful it is when you experience music with your child and they are turning you onto their favorite music because that’s the moment when you realize what life is truly all about.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day.


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