Concert Review & Photos by Jeff Serpa

POMONA, CA, Nov. 22—Chanting “PENNYWISE, PENNYWISE, PENNYWISE” for a solid FIVE minutes before the band hit the stage, Pennywisethe sold-out Glass House crowd welcomed back original singer and founding member Jim Lindenberg. This show marked one of several stops in southern California celebrating the band’s 25 years of playing hardcore punk rock to its loyal fans. As the lights dimmed and the band took the stage, the crowd surfing and mosh pit began immediately and continued until the last note.

True to their fans and their cause, the Hermosa Beach punkers came out swinging with their in-your-face, middle finger in the air, anthem-chanting sound.  With Fletcher Dragge on guitar, Randy Bradbury on bass and Byron McMakin on drums, the band powered through a 75-minute set playing all their hits and fan favorites. Fan after fan crowd surfed to the front, where they were pulled out by security, and then quickly ran back into the crowd for more. The mosh pit was intense and powerful. A sea of fans circling like a tornado song after song. While true Pennywise fans helped those who fell down, this mosh pit was not for the weak.

“Fuck Authority” was a crowd favorite. The last song of the night brought as many fans as possible to the stage to sing “Bro Hymn” with the band.  Pennywise is one of the most original and significant hardcore bands to emerge from the southern California punk scene. Lindenberg told the crowd, “if any of you want to have a backyard party, we will play it.” (Let’s take them up on that!)

Opening for Pennywise was another Hermosa Beach punk band Set on Right. These guys were great and set the stage for the other supporting band, GFP (General Fucking Prinicple). With Greg Hetson on guitar (Bad Religion, Circle Jerks and Redd Kross) and Tony Alva on bass, GFP is completely unexplainable and a must-see hardcore punk group.



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