Sacramento, California | Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Article & Photography by Kari Butler

Sacramento rock fans arrived at Ace of Spades ready to be served some full throttle rock music….and they were not disappointed!

Beginning the evening, Sacramento’s own award-winning Some Fear None, led by Nathan Giguiere (lead vocals/guitar), Gina Salatino (bass/guitar), Chuck Carrasco (guitar/bass) and Jason Weisker (drums), Some Fear None has a rock sound of their own, a mix that spans Grunge, Metal, and Alternative giving them an in your face hard rock worthy of the genres. With powerful and intense vocals, Some Fear None revved the crowd with their set, including fan favorites, “Painstaking” and “Borne.”  A visually stunning Gina, who switches between bass and guitar, is energetic and exciting with her skills and confidence on stage. Lead singer, Nathan, has a deep, sultry voice that has the crowd swaying back and forth or raising their horns in the air to keep time with Jason’s kick drum. Looking forward to the future of Some Fear None.

Next up was a band that we had the pleasure of experiencing for the first time, Falling Through April, an alternative rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. Fronted by the newest addition to the band, Josh Kendrick (vocals), Dan Candia (guitar), Jim Siani (guitar), Dave Piontek (bass), and Taylor Foster (percussion). The crowd moved a little closer and the band reciprocated with hard rocking songs and enthusiastic vocals. Falling Through April was vigilantly attentive band who were eager to please. They greeted and interacted with concertgoers, taking photos and conversing with everyone throughout the night and winning over the crowd with their performance.

Following up a crowd-pleasing performance from Falling Through April, the Memphis band Devour the Day took the stage with a commanding presence. Blake Allison (vocals/guitar), Joey Chicago (bass/backing vocals), Ronnie Farris (drums) and David Hoffman (guitar) round out the band. Devour the day set the bar high with their performance. Their energy invigorated the crowd and got them involved with their performance.

Before the show we had the opportunity to sit down with Lead Vocalist, Blake Allison, and discuss the band and its new album S.O.A.R(Suffer, Overcome, and Recover) released April 1st, 2016. Blake was more than eager to sit and spend the time to discuss his writing process and was very forthcoming with details about Devour the Day. Blake was easy to talk with, like sitting down with a buddy and sharing a cold one. He was genuinely interested in speaking about the album, tour, and band. According to Blake, the album’s theme is perseverance and accomplishing your goals. For their sophomore album, Blake told us that they were looking for that “organic spark.” Devour the Day ended up with more in their recording budget than anticipated, so they worked to add that last “glaze of polish” to it, writing what would become the defining and title track S.O.A.R.

For their set Devour the Day kept the crowd rocking with a sea of hands raised up to bounce along with a fan favorite, “Good Man.” They brought out a new tune recently released on Soundcloud, “Lightning in the Sky” building with a solid drum beat from Ronnie Farris infused with strong vocals from Blake Allison. The performance was everything and more. As the crowd was chanting one more song, one more song, the house lights flashed on.

Soon the house lights blacked out once again and a roar erupted from the undulating sea of people waiting for Pop Evil to take the stage. Pop Evil, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, boasts a strong group of talented band members. Leigh Kakaty (vocals), Davey Grahs (guitar), Nick Fuelling (guitar), Chaci Riot (drums), and Matt DiRito (bass). Each member of the band had a sharp dressed strong presence on stage. Belting out familiar tunes such as “Ways to Get High” and “Go Higher,” Pop Evil pulled no punches and included their first song to get radio play, “Hero.” “Seattle Rain” brought down the tone allowing the crowd to sway in rhythm to the music. Chaci Riot pounding the drums intoxicating the audience as he was up out of his seat, hair flying! It was pure, electrified entertainment. Pop Evil delivered a power packed set that kept the crowd on their feet and begging for more.

A fabulous, fun, high octane-fueled night of music at the Ace of Spades!






Pop Evil, Devour the Day, at Ace of Spades
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