By Chris Epting

So the lights go down, and the band comes on, and the roar goes up, but so do the devices to capture the show, and it’d be one thing if they were just up for a minute or two, but more and more people seem to be holding these things up in the air for most of the show, and while I could care less if you feel like missing what’s really happening, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let you block me or distract me or affect any part of my visual experience because you see I came to see a show and feel a show and lose myself in a show and it gets really hard to do any of those things as you try to focus by tapping the screen and asking the person next to you why it won’t focus and how much it sucks that it won’t focus and as you and your friend keep focusing on focusing, I’m worrying about focusing on the band and think about it, I mean, I doubt you will ever really watch one second of that video in all of its blown-out and distorted glory and besides there will be 97 other versions of it on YouTube about an hour after the show, so how about you just settle in and do what people used to do at concerts, including, but not limited to, clapping, swaying, singing, hell I’d even prefer you screaming in my ear rather than distracting me with your handful of colored light, so how about you just give it a try and put it away and open your eyes and open your ears and open your heart and open your soul to what is going on because I promise, no, I swear to you, that when the show is over the experience you’ll have had will be far more memorable and satisfying than the one you are having now, and even more importantly it will also be that way for me and the person I’m with and the people behind us and everyone else you are annoying the living hell out of, cool?


Put the Smartphone Down
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