Los Angeles, California | September 14th, 2016

Review by Kimberly Annette

Newby Los Angeles-based indie band Max Fite comprised of members: Max Fitelson (guitars, lead vocals), Jamie Cunningham (guitars, backup vocals), Carl Raether (bass, backup vocals), Macy Lucarelli (drums), released their debut EP Shake It On Down, August 3rd, 2016.

“Can’t you see the devil in me, living life so cynically. I had a moment there; I felt alive tonight.”

The lyrics on the first single off the six-track Shake It On Down, “Devil in Me” has an edge that cuts through life’s misanthropy like steel fused with primordial drums and raw guitars. “Yes Man” changes things up with its exhilarating fast jam and hollow vocals. But it’s “Time to Heal” in its Dillion’est folk vibe with those melodic guitars that resonate depth of soul. Through life’s unpredictable pain works of art are born and passion is ignited. There is ample passion and art found in “Time To Heal.”

Brilliant start for this new indie band Max Fite we look forward to all the future holds for them. (See the links below to find out more information)

Max Fite

Full track list:
Shake It On Down
Devil In Me
Court Jester
My Own Fantasy
Yes Man
Time To Heal

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Shake It On Down | Max Fite
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