TORONTO, Canada—Way up in the Great White North of Canada, in the nation’s capital city of Ottawa, a metal band once dubbed “one of the best unsigned bands” and “one of the best metal bands never to release an album” was born in 1985.  The band, Shock, was making huge waves in the Canadian music scene, playing many gigs, and opening for heavyweights such as Motörhead, Megadeth, Anthrax and Metal Church. Unfortunately, it all came to an end after five years together in 1990 when, frustrated from trying to find a suitable record deal, they disbanded.

More than twenty years later, in 2012, consumed by “a burning urge that (they) must address,” they reformed with original membersRock Rag #15-Shock Photo Tony V (vocals/guitar), John Tennant (guitars) and Steve Monette (bass guitar), joined by newcomer Chad Walls (drums). They’re now ready to take the musical landscape by storm. Never issuing anything more than two EPs in the late 80s, the band revisited some of their extensive back catalogue of unreleased material and chose eight selections to appear on what would be their first full-length album, almost 30 years after their formation!

Once Denied was released in May and has garnered the attention of recording artist Joey Vera (Armored Saint/Fates Warning) and Canadian metal journalist Martin Popoff. Shock followed up the release of their debut CD with live gigs, most notably in October, opening for fellow Ottawa-based Canadian thrash metal icons Annihilator.

Once Denied leads off with “Fighting Chance,” a fitting opener as the band has now finally been given that. A line in the lyrics states, Rock Rag #15-Shock-Once Denied“once denied…now my right”!  “Full Speed Ahead,” containing some thrashy overtones, is a good mantra for the rest of the album as it never lets up on the gas pedal.  Considered the single, and probably their most widely recognised song, “Slashing To Live” has received the cartoon video treatment which really illustrates the self-defense message of the lyrics. “Flaming Towards Earth” is a definite standout cut, if there may be such a thing in this overall excellent release. “Driven to Kill” features some blistering guitar work and “I’m Dangerous” keeps the pace and energy at a high level. “Paths of Glory” is the second from the CD to receive the video treatment, while “Splitting the Atom” draws the altogether too short recording to a close.


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