Los Angeles, California | Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Review by Kimberly Annette

As the winner of “Best Alternative Rock Album” at the 2016 Akademia Awards, Bryan Deister’s Spines of the Heart emerges as a victorious first project. Classically trained Deister reached deep inside himself and embarked on a three-year journey to write, compose, and produce this 22 track dark emotional exploration.bryan-deister

Deemed as experimental rock/electronic fusions Spines of the Heart is a musical composition of intricate nuances in sound and experimentation. Emotionally fueled with dark brooding sometimes over the top gloom on tracks “Gone” and “Always Further,” the album reaches the depths of despair only to soar to a crescendo of melody and harmony on “Into the Sky.” The path the 22 tracks leads the listener down is indeed a roller coaster experience of the innermost workings of Deister’s symphonic mind.

Deister is currently attending the Berklee College of Music on a Writing and Composition Scholarship. His training is not limited to classical, but jazz, blues, progressive rock, and modern music as well. Deister also draws influence from bands like Nirvana, Weezer, Voltaire, My Bloody Valentine, and the writing styles of John Cage and John Lennon. The result is a well-composed street of melancholy introspection appropriately named Spines of the Heart.

Released December of 2015 Spines of the Heart is available to stream on Soundcloud or purchase direct from Bryan Deister’s website. (See the links below for more information)



Spines of the Heart | Bryan Deister
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