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“I guess you can say I’m the new guy, and I’ve been with the band for over ten years,” said (hed) p.e. guitarist Jackson Benge with a laugh as he discussed the upcoming July 22 release by Pavement Entertainment of their ninth CD Evolution.

(hed) p.e. formed in California in the early to mid ’90’s by frontman Jahred, whose desire was to cultivate the area sounds into his own personal preferences; resulting in a mixture of punk, metal, hip-hop and statement making funk that has blazed a trail to this day. “Our music,” explains Jackson, “Is a mix of musical multiple personality disorders,” he said once again with a hearty laugh. “We mix many genres, and we try to hit them all; punk, hip-hop, metal, rock, we don’t discriminate that’s for sure.”

Up until now, 2003’s Blackout was the benchmark for the group and still their most successful album to date but with the upcoming release of Evolution, Benge feels that the band may have hit their musical mark and definitely their stride. “This disc really is two different styles. We still have what we like to call a “Doom Sound,” yet more riffs that are simpler; if that makes sense. There is more of a one note at a time approach and letting them ring out to give it a bigger sound; we are actually quite happy with it. Then there’s what Jahred likes to call the “Champagne Room.” The other side of the disc is more Reggae style and I think between the two styles, “Doom Metal” and Reggae, we did really well selecting the tracks. We are very happy with the way this CD has come together from start to finish; I think it’s one of our best to date. This is the sixth one that I’ve been a part of, and I am very excited about it!”

From the band name, to their music, Benge feels the reason they’ve been able to keep it together so long is due to staying within themselves, their yearning for social commentary and cooperation within their own ranks. “Our name, like us, is pretty unique. Jahred came up with it; hed is the phonetic spelling for head and p.e. stands for planet earth or planetary evolution. The planet, like our music, is ever changing, evolving; we get involved with some social issues, trying to relay some messages through our music. We are also a band who stays true to what we write. So many guys take every opportunity to overplay; we don’t do that. Jahred has a vision and when we go into the studio, he takes on more of a producer role. We all have a hand in things and for me; I wanted to let the band know that I can write too. I started submitting songs, I mean we all do, but Jahred’s voice is the signature of the band, so whatever we do it has to fit him and his style. He plays percussion so that adds to the overall sound as well.”

The band is heading out on the road with shows in various locations across the U.S. in what Benge calls a “Quasi national tour.” “Right now we are taking time off before the disc is released. This is our first one on Pavement Entertainment and we are very excited about it; they are doing a great job promoting its release and we are gearing up to head out on the road. We’ve got some dates in July to warm up and then in August we head out in earnest; we tour a lot and we love it.”
July 8 the band kicks off the tour with a show in Lexington, KY and will crisscross from Florida through Texas and the mid-west with stops in West Virginia, Tennessee and Ohio as well; bringing their brand of hard driving, in your face sounds to their hungry fan base.

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The “Evolution” of (hed) p.e.
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