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Hello out there to all the readers of The Rock Rag website. For those that don’t know me I’m The Meister and I have been fortunate enough to be part of The Rock Rag team since its inception back in August 2013, taking care of the Metal Mayhem Blog. When I started the blog here it was my intention to bring you a little on some of my rock and roll adventures, sharing some of my personal experiences alongside album and concert reviews. I seem to have gotten away from that initial plan, don’t get me wrong I love the album reviews but Rock Rag #24-MORC (1)thought for the next few weeks I might present to you a short series and regale you with an event that I’m seriously looking forward to attending in the coming weeks.

In less than a month (possibly three weeks, depending on exactly when this goes live on the site) I, The Meister, will be abandoning my frigid, snowy homeland of a little town north of Toronto, Canada and trekking south to sweet, sunny Miami, Florida. I’m not just embarking on a great and (I think) well deserved vacation in warmer climates, but in fact will be boarding the luxurious MSC Divina cruise ship for my third excursion sailing the high seas with the Monsters of Rock Cruise. The Monsters of Rock Cruise enjoyed its inaugural voyage in 2012, but more on that and last year’s festivities will follow in the next few blogs.

I will be heading out a few days prior to embarkation aboard the MSC Divina to partake in some of the pre-cruise events, activities and Rock Rag #24-MORC (2)culture surrounding this floating barge of rock and roll debauchery. My first stop will be attending The Rockerz Gone Wild Pool Party II taking place in Miami two days before sailing. This event is not affiliated in any way with The Monsters of Rock Cruise, more commonly known by the acronym of MORC, but is in fact actually devised, created and presented entirely by one of my fellow cruisers. This is the event’s second year in operation following the great success enjoyed in 2013 and is sure to be populated by not only my fellow cruisers, but more than likely a few of the cruise artists as well!

The original Rockerz Gone Wild Pool Party took place before 2013’s Monsters of Rock:

The Lost Weekend cruise which departed from the port of Fort Lauderdale. The event took place at the Days Inn Bahia Cabana hotel in Fort Lauderdale and featured artists such as Liberty Lush, Pretty Little Suicide, The Glitter Boys and that year’s cruise performers Bang Tango, Ted Poley and L.A. Guns as headliners. The event was immensely popular and featured a day of sun, insane beverage consumption Rock Rag #24-MORC-Rockerz 2013and meeting and mingling with many of the other MORC passengers. My liver will never forgive me for the way it was treated during that day and night, but it was a great place to meet lots of fellow cruisers and cruise artists as well. My favorite incident from this day of debauchery was the random gentleman who insisted on purchasing the tee shirt that I had chosen to wear for the occasion. It was a concert tour shirt for the band, The Four Horsemen featuring the 1994 Canadian tour dates emblazoned on the back. He was up to an offer of $120 when his wife finally dragged him away…..who knew a 20 year old shirt could cause such a stir?Rock Rag #24-MORC-Rockerz 2014

I’m excited to see the friends that I made last year during this event again in a few short weeks for another rockin’ good time. The Rockerz Gone Wild Pool Party II rolls out on March 27, 2014 at The Howard Johnson Hialeah Gardens Hotel in Miami, Fla. In the tradition of making things bigger and better we have an event time of noon until 5:00A.M. time frame……that’s right I typed 5:00A.M.!! With a duration like that this event promises lots of drinking, debauchery, friends new and old and above all lots of high quality live rock and roll. The lineup has also been extended, boasting more than twice the live acts of last year at 15 bands and two more just announced!

Scheduled set times were issued recently and by the looks of the tight co-ordination it will be basically a day of nonstop rock…..prepare yourself liver! With many raffles and special events designed to take place, tickets are not just limited to cruise passengers but are open to the public to purchase throughRockerz Gone Wild Pool Party II. So even if you’ve missed the boat, so to speak, on the sold out Monsters of Rock Cruise: Escape to Monster Island especially if you’re in the Miami area why not check out this fun gig and join the Meister for a frosty beverage…….or two?


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