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Ok Rock Rag-ers, in keeping with last week’s theme, The Meister is back again counting down the few days remaining until I embark on The Monsters of Rock Cruise for my third successive year. The excitement and anticipation are absolutely rampant, and I would even venture to say (jokingly of course) that On The BlueRock Rag #25-MORC (The Voyages) 1 and Larry Morand owe the employers of every cruiser an apology as this cruise has, especially at this time of the year, severely lowered work productivity! It has, however, not only increased daydreaming, but also co-worker annoyance as I talk about nothing else when I’m not entranced in a daydream of once again floating on the high seas with good friends and cold beverages. The friends made through MORC are a big component of this floating barge of rock and roll debauchery and, of course heighten the experience. The good folks at Monsters of Rock encourage and cultivate a great sense of community that has exploded beyond proportion….there’s truly nothing like this vacation anywhere and once you experience it you’ll agree…..or maybe you already have?

Rock Rag #25-MORC (The Voyages) 2Upon discovery (late in the booking game) of the initial voyage in 2012, I acted quickly and secured myself an interior cabin on the soon to be sold out adventure. I went alone that year, shy and keeping to myself in this new surrounding. Inevitably I met a few folks (and some of my rock heroes) on board. I was having the time of my life; I pre-booked for the sequel excursion before I even got off the boat! I kept in touch with those cruisers that I met and becoming more active in the community on the social media pages, especially the MORC Facebook page, made some more friends throughout the year leading up to the 2013 voyage. Rarely does the anticipation live up to the event, but Monsters of Rock Cruise: Lost Weekend 2013 (more of a lost week for me!) did just that and blew the doors Rock Rag #25-MORC (The Voyages) 3off the first year! Part of that was due to the community and friends from around the globe that I had made aboard ship. It didn’t hurt that I shared a few hours of conversations and drinks with Nigel Glockler, Bif Byford, Doug Scarratt, Dave Meniketti, Ron Keel and Dwain Miller one evening either. Now there’s absolutely no doubt about it….I’m a MORC’er for life and damn proud of it, but 2014 has some mighty big shoes to fill!

2014’s Monsters of Rock Cruise: Escape to Monster Island finds me collecting together as many of my fellow countrymen (country persons) attending the cruise as I was able to find via Facebook and add to the huge group of worldwide friends I’ll know this year….a far cry from the shy Canadian who kept to himself a mere two years ago! We have dubbed our Canadian group The “EH”Rock Rag #25-MORC (The Voyages) 4 Team (over 60 of us now and still counting), and we are set to meet on board for a massive group photo, some of us meeting face to face for the first time only having chatted on Facebook. Canadian? Going on Monsters of Rock? Hit me up through the links below!

Rock Rag #25-MORC (The Voyages ) 6The cruise has jumped ship from the MSC Poesia, our home the past two years to a larger capacity MSC Divina this time around and still sold out! This year we begin the festivities on land with two nights of pre-party concerts just for the Monsters of Rock cruisers. The first set for Thursday March 27th, 2014 at The Magic City Casino in Miami, Florida and featuring performances by Ted Poley and Autograph. The second is to be held at the same venue the following evening with Kix and Firehouse commanding the stage and this event may have some select availability for non-cruisers. From there it’s on to embarkation day on Saturday March 29th for four days on the openRock Rag #25-MORC (The Voyages) 5 water, and visits to the ports of Nassau, Bahamas and Monster Island (a private cruise island, possibly Little San Salvador Island… (check back for my next blog to find out for sure). We also will enjoy one full day at sea loaded with stellar rock performances, camaraderie with fellow cruisers and most likely heavy drinking!

Check out the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2014 Official Trailer, which seriously only scratched the surface of what was in store during this year’s epic voyage!


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