West Hollywood, California – Friday, May 23, 2014 at 10pm – 1am

Article by Kimberly Annette

The Raskin twins are two gifted artists with talent across the board, but their talent is not the only amazing thing about these two. I recently had a chance to sit down with both Logan and Roger and get to know them a little during an incredible interview where they shared about their lives, where they come from, where they’re going, their viewpoint, about family, career and music. While talking, the one thing that stuck out was how completely sincere and caring they

are. Logan and Roger honestly care about people and that means they give 110% of themselves to their fans, and Raskins_album_600100% to living a positive and thoughtful lifestyle. They understand and acknowledge the influence they can have over their younger fans and the impact of the choices they make in how they live and treat others. They care enough to want to make a positive impact on the lives they touch. Which makes The Raskins are men of character and their altruistic passion for people as noteworthy as their music.

If you have seen the movie Slingshot, Mini’s First Time, or Middle of Nowhere, then you had already heard the Raskin’s music, whether you knew it or not. In fact, the reason the band, The Raskins was founded was a direct response to the cry for more music from the twins.

Logan and Roger landed the music score for the movie Slingshot at the last second and were given only 5 days to write 6 songs, the twins made it happen, and so began their journey into Hollywood soundtracks. The soundtracks were reaching millions of ears in the movie theatres and moviegoers were digging what they heard. These newfound fans started asking The Raskins where they could find more of their music, so the brothers did the next logical step formed a band, put their name on it and began recording. The Raskins self-titled debut album dropped on May 13th, 2014, on MIRAL Records/BDG/RED, LLC division of Sony Music Entertainment. The first single “We Had It All” had been previously released back on February 18th as a tantalizing tease of more to come. Is the album worthy of the limelight? I’d say so!

The entire LP rocks to that classic yet distinctive signature sound driven by the pure tone Roger’s custom Gibson 335 Guitar make when plugged direct to his Customized Marshall Amps creating that midrange distortion that’s a little slice of heaven.

Want to grab a bit of the heavenly ear candy?

Tonight in West Hollywood, California, at the Viper Room on The Sunset Strip Logan and Roger, The Raskins are celebrating the release of The Raskins debut album with a record release party and this is no private record release party all of us, you, me and them are invited so if you’re in the area tonight stop in between 10pm and 1am, it’s going to be a blast!  The Raskins take the stage at 11pm so get your tickets NOW!  TICKETS ARE ONLY $10

(Watch for the upcoming video series an in-depth interview with the Raskins)



01. We Had It All
02. Need Another Hero
03. Lost In The Dark
04. Open Our Eyes
05. Scream Out Loud
06. On The Radio
07. Save Me Now
08. Where Do We Go From Here
09. We Keep Fighting
10. Find My Way Home
11. Stand Up
12. Reach

The Raskins Record Release Party at The Viper Room Tonight
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