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Review by Kimberly Annette

Tumbler trio, Harry Grace (vocals & guitar), his father Richard Grace (vocals & guitar), and Dave Needham (guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals) set out to record their second full-length album with an ambition to make their mark. The result an eclectic mix of melodically poetic twelve tracks they call, Come to the Edge.

“You said come to the edge. We can’t we said, we’re scared. Come to the edge you said. We came, you pushed us. We flew.” ~ Guillaume Apollinaire

Much like the inspiring quote Come to the Edge rings true for Tumbler as they fly from family weekend concerts in the kitchen into the fullness of their dreams. After taking the chance and recording a collection of Richard Grace’s original music at Harry’s request, they came up with their first release You Said.

Before You Said was even released they had already begun working on the current release Come to the Edge. Inspired by the learning experiences derived from the first recording. The growth of Harry’s vocals and influence bring fullness and beauty to this latest release.

Come to the Edge has a brilliant folk/rock vibe and the Beatles influence is undoubtedly heard on tracks “Sweetest Things,” and “Diamond in a Drawer.” The four tracks “Black Sheep,” “Week,” “Dial,” and “Falling” written by Harry carry a more modern pop/rock feel. “Falling” is upbeat and has a nonsensical sense of fun to it, while those written by Richard have that timeless folk-style rock. Bring the two styles together, and they somehow connect in a marvelous way. “Winter Cold Heart” one of Richard’s is a pure gem, but in reality, the eclectic mix of tracks included on Come to the Edge are all sparkling jewels and an album worth purchasing.

Come to the Edge was released on July 26th of this year and is available to stream and purchase from the links below.



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