Saturday, September 13, 2014 – Hollywood, California

Review & Photos by Oscar Jordan

Unlocking the TruthSaturday September 13th will forever live in history as the night when Brooklyn’s Unlocking The Truth headlined their first concert. The Troubadour in Hollywood California was the venue, and after months of touring, the band was super-charged and ready to unleash their own brand of metal fury. At thirteen years old, bassist Alec Atkins, drummer Jarad Dawkins, and guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse; brought their A-game and whipped a packed house into a screaming frenzy.

Influenced by the bands Chelsea Grin, Slipknot, and Living Colour, Unlocking The Truth began as a guitar and drum duo playing on the streets of Times Square Malcolm Brickhousefor tips. They later added a bass player, competed on Amateur Night At The Apollo, the AfroPunk Battle of The Bands, and have been featured on TV, commercials, and in magazine articles. Since 2013 they’ve been playing the festival circuit to favorable reviews.

Their performance at The Troubadour consisted of chugging rhythms, dangerous distortion, and powerhouse drumming. Beginning their set with “Ravens,” “Chaos,” and “Help Me,” Unlocking The Truth marked their musical territory with an inimitable twist on the thrash genre. Their stoic facial expressions worked in sharp contrast to rhythmic head banging, and a personal connection to the audience. A mosh pit ensued in the front of the stage, which consisted of a strange mix of fans that included ten-year-old screaming girls, and forty year old hardcore thrash fans.

Other songs included “Start The Game,” “Free As You Wanna Be,” and “Monster.” Guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse engaged the audience, displayed tearful emotion as he thanked them, and brought his youngest fans on stage with him. He also entertained the audience with shred style sweep-picking and stage dives, where he was carried around over the heads of the audience while he continued to plaMalcolm Brickhouse & Alec Atkinsy guitar.

Bassist Alec Atkins is a quick study who started playing bass only last year, but brings charisma, camaraderie, and fearless stage presence. Jarad Dawkins is the most musically talented member of the group, pounding out polyrhythmic thrash figures with flair and a soulful sense of time. Unlocking The Truth easily won over the audience with a combination of youthful charisma, animated stage hijinks, and compelling groove heavy compositions. Their message is, “Be yourself,” and with time on their side and an EP coming soon, they are a band to watch.







Unlocking The Truth Live At The Troubadour
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