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The UK has produced its share of bands from small towns and places unheard of over the years.  Some of these bands have changed the face of music, or invented a new style or genre and influenced generations of musicians. So when approached about The Virginmarys and told that they were from Macclesfield England, there was no doubt that their geography and sound were interesting.

Perhaps what’s even more interesting however is the group’s name. “It came from me and Danny overhearing these guys talk about this strip club called the Virginmarys, it was a strong name that always stuck with us,” says the band’s front man Ally Dickaty.

Featuring a straight ahead in your face style, the trio formed in 2006 and is comprised of  Dickaty on lead vocal and guitar, Danny Dolan on drums and Matt Rose on bass guitar. They have drawn comparisons to artists such as Nirvana, Mudhoney as well as some punk groups but have also rocked stages around the world with the likes of Slash and Queens of The Stone Age. Beginning March 12, 2014, The Virginmarys will be opening for Buckcherry on a current U.S. tour in support of their first full length disc, 2013’s King of Conflict.

“They have created a massive following for themselves and I’m really looking forward to checking out their shows and meeting the guys,” said Dickaty about Buckcherry. “I have got a lot of respect for any successful rock band that is around and spreading rock music these days. We’re really happy they’re taking us on tour with them.”

Although released last year, King of Conflict is still propelling the band to new heights. The title, like their name, in of itself speaks volumes about the band’s mindset as they go forth on this latest venture. “King of Conflict is a line from the opening song “Dead Man’s Shoes,” explained Dickaty. “ It’s about being heavily conflicted in your mind; a struggle against yourself. It’s a strong title and represents the lyrical content of the rest of the album.”

Kicking things off in Anaheim on March 12, 2014, the band is also currently in studio working on the follow up to King of Conflict.  Crisscrossing the U.S. with 19 scheduled stops before finally ending the run in Texas on April 19, 2014; the group has a lot to cram into the next five weeks, not that they seem to mind. “We love travelling round the U.S. It’s an incredible place full of lots of different influences,” said Dickaty.

The new CD, although still a work in progress, will most likely be prominently displayed on this tour as the band tests out the new material on their stateside audience and although Dickaty is the principal lyricist and songwriter; he stresses that it’s a true group effort, “I’ll write songs and then take them to jam out with Danny and Matt; we’ll see what works and what we’re all feeling. I’ve written and am still writing the best stuff I’ve ever done so I’m really excited in forming this second album.”

Once the U.S. portion of the tour is complete, the band is returning home to the UK where they’ll be performing for massive audiences at three separate outdoor mega-shows; Sonisphere at Knebworth, The Camden Rocks Festival, and 2000 Trees Festival.

As their fan base continues to swell; what will the band do to satisfy the hungry throngs? Well, that’s obvious according to Dickaty, “We’ve been jamming out and recording all the new stuff, an incredible second album and lots more touring the world!”

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