Wanda Blake – Florida


Wanda Blake was a nurse for 20 years, but in 2010 after several years working with critical care ER patients, she suddenly found herself critically ill. After a long run of tests and misdiagnoses they finally had it correct, Lyme disease. Lyme disease comes with many complications including multiple infections throughout the body it was these infections that finally rendered Wanda with the inability to continue in her capacity as a nurse.

Wanda had a diagnosis but with it came a life changing realization, she could no longer work in her chosen field, and she was good at her job. With this heartbreak, she began some in-depth soul searching as you can imagine, over 40 years old and no longer employable.

That thought alone comes with a staggering amount of confusion and let’s face it fear.

However, Wanda being a survivor was not to be held back for long. Coming from a long line of photographers she already had the skills and passion for the art. So, she stepped out and began shooting local events and live music shows whenever and wherever she could. After a 3-year journey down this new and exciting life path she was creating for herself she felt she was ready. Ready to move forward on her career path, so she contacted The Rock Rag about becoming a staff photographer and on her skills was accepted. Her first assignment was Welcome to Rockville, check out her work under the Photo Galleries menu.

April 2014 ~Present


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