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Interview by Danny Coleman


“Awesome! I’d describe it as one of the top three things that ever happened in my life!” says Wilson front man Chad Nicefield about the band hitting the high seas on Motorhead’s Motorboat Cruise. “When I was 15 I nearly lost my life in a car crash, I was in the hospital and the event caused my life to change direction. I used to be heavy into sports and athletics and the crash caused me to gravitate towards music; that was the first of my top three. The third being, it’s kind of gross, was when I saw semen shoot out of the tip of my penis for the first time; now that’s life changing (laughs)!”

Wilson formed in the mid-west, more specifically the Detroit, MI area in 2009; as a way to “Get free beer,” said Nicefield; once again with a hearty laugh.

“There’s no fancy story to it really. We really did start it as a way to get free beer and get trashed while we were in college. One night we got drunk at a party and wilsonwe were trying to come up with a name that somebody asked us for because they were trying to make a flyer to promote our next gig. Our guitarist just said, “Wilson” so we just kept it.”

According to Nicefield, being a product of the mid-west and especially a blue collar town such as Detroit has its advantages; as it teaches a work ethic like none other.

“All of us in the band were either born here or left and came back,” he explained.  “Our bass player had moved to Romania and we got him back but the rest of us are all products of Detroit or the surrounding areas. The area, the mid-west, growing up here has influenced us individually and as a band in every way, shape and form. Here in the mid-west, the way the people carry themselves, their morals, their upbringing; nobody hands you shit! You have to really work your ass off for it. There’s a difference here, not saying it’s better or worse but it’s just different. The east coast is a lot of hustle and bustle, the west coast is cool and laid back but here; here you have to want it! There is no giving up or going at things half assed, it’s tough to make it in today’s rock ‘n’ roll environment so you’ve got to, we’ve got to keep pushing hard. Texas, I’ve lived in Texas and it’s the same feel; you work your ass off all day then when work day is done the rest of it is yours.”

Their latest CD titled Full Blast Fuckery hitting stores in July 2013 and an invite to be part of the Motorhead Motorboat cruise; life is really taking off for the group; especially after being part of the most recent Shiprocked cruise as well.

“Yeah, after Shiprocked we received an overwhelming good response. We had toured and opened for Gwar among others so that’s how we got asked for that and that led us to be asked for the Motorboat; even before we departed the ship. We were blown away; to be alongside of Zakk Wylde and Lemmy should be quite an emotional experience for me and us. Full Blast Fuckeryis exactly as the title suggests (laughs); it’s called that because that is exactly what t you’re listening to when you put it in! We did the disc in L.A. and that was what we were feeling as we were recording it. We did one song, it’s only 46 seconds long and we said, “Man, this sounds like full blast fuckery,”so we went with it.”

Although only together for five short years, the band has made huge strides and inroads in their genre and fan base. They’ve come a long way from playing gigs in college for free beer and according to Nicefield always have an eye to the future.

“Wow, you know, four years ago we didn’t imagine this and I have no idea, I can’t predict the future but I and we as a band know that we hope to be doing this at an even larger level. We are always looking to get better and bigger shows and as long as we don’t lose sight of that we can only continue to grow as a unit and into the things we want.”

One of those things is the Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, KY on October 4. Wilson will be sharing the day’s events and stage with the likes of Mastodon, Korn, Judas Priest, Limp Bizkit, Stone Temple Pilots, Alter Bridge and others. Their scheduled 12:50 p.m. set promises to work the throngs (who dare to put in a potential twelve to fifteen hour day) into an early frenzy; surely setting the tone for a raucous afternoon and evening of rock ‘n’ roll.

Wilson is comprised of Chad Nicefield, Jason Spencer, Puhy, Kyle Landry and James Lascu and can be found via the links below. More information on the Louder Than Life Festival can be found through the links below as well.









Wilson Hits the High Seas on Motorhead's Motorboat
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